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Nice to meet you!!
We are Nihon Agent Real Estate.

The world is becoming more globalized. However, the real estate market for foreigners in Japan is still not easy to navigate.
The renting process through the Japanese housing system is very complicated and loaded with fees like key money, renewal fees, guarantor company fees, and so on.
We completely understand these kinds of difficulties, so we have been building up our team to support foreigners to find homes in Japan.
Our job may be finding your home or helping you move,
but “Our mission is moving your heart.”

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Customers' Voices

I highly suggest using Nihon Agent if you are looking for a place in or around Tokyo. If you are not interested in anything, there's no pressure, and they never try to upsell you on anything. You can look around with peace of mind with some of the genuinely nicest people in this big city.

Real estate in Japan and abroad is so completely different, that even if you're reasonably confident with your own abilities or your own Japanese, it's much better to entrust yourself to a good company and I haven't encountered a better company than Nihon Agent.
They are so helpful with things that you would never expect to come across, and the atmosphere of the whole place is so nice and welcoming.

The Six Reasons
Why We Are Chosen

Our meticulous approach gives customers a memorable impression.
Nihon Agent Real Estate is proud to say that we have many referrals and repeat customers,
proving that we have earned the trust of our foreign national cliental.
Before you choose a home, you need to choose a real estate agent.

Access to 97.5% of the Market

No need to see more than one real estate agent.
We can contact other companies' properties and do all the work.

1 Day, 5 Customers

By appointment only.
With a max of 5 customers per day, we take care of each and every individual.

Free Measuring Service

Popular with busy customers.
Our staff will take measurements of your new home for you.

Social Events at “Heya Commu”

Held once every two months.
Bowling, barbecues, fireworks, etc.
You can meet all kinds of people with us, here in Tokyo.

Discounted Moving Services

Partnered with 3 major moving companies, we offer exclusive discounts and provide free quotes, so you can compare prices.

Video Home Tours

Popular with long-distance customers in or out of Japan.We conduct video tours, allowing you to house hunt before you even step foot in Tokyo.

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Our Team

Masahiro Kusanagi

Hobby Basketball
Motivation for the job The challenge!
What's good about Japan Various food, four seasons, and O-MO-TE-NA-SHI!
Recommend spot The Minato Mirai area in Yokohama. There are many famous spots and beautiful scenery!
Recommend food Ramen! There are many Ramen restaurants in Japan. You can try various flavors!
Thoughts as manager of the International Division I'll keep working to change the housing situation for foreigners in Japan. To make it easier and more comfortable!

Kana Inoue

Hobby Traveling and Karaoke
Motivation for the job Finding a room that fulfills a customer's every demand.
What's good about Japan: Japan is a very safe place, and there are many historical places.
Recommend spot Tokyo Skytree is a good place to visit! The view from there is incredible.
Recommend food An Izakaya is kind of Japanese bar, it has variety of foods and drinks. I recommend you to order a “nomi-houdai plan” there. It means all you can drink within a time frame. It sounds good, doesn't it?
Thoughts as manager of the International Division I think finding a room is fun, but also stressful for customers. That is why I will try to relieve you of stress as much as possible and find the best room for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you smile at the end, so I will meet your demands.

About Us

Nihon Agent Real Estate


THE SITE 01, 2nd floor, 3-25-29 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open : 10:00~19:00 Closed : Wednesday

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※Please change the language to English

At JR Shinagawa Station, ext through the central gate and follow the sign for the Takanawa Exit (West Exit)

Go down the escalator.

At the bottom of the escalator, follow this arrow.

Go straight passed the convenience store and make a left at the pachinko parlor at the end of the street.

You will then come across a major highway. Walk along it.

Go straight for about 3 minutes.

You will see this building on your right side.

Go up to the second floor.

Press 1 on the intercom, and our staff will come to get you.

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